Mission Statement:

Provide formal and engaging kosher education.

Kosher Empowered Course:

Our flagship program is the Kosher Empowered course and is intended for those looking to refresh their kosher knowledge or those embarking on maintaining a kosher kitchen for the first time. The course is extremely comprehensive and provides participants with the following:

  1. 37 engaging video lectures presented in a very systematic format. Sample class here and here.

  2. PDF flowcharts and other resources for download. Sample here.

  3. Demonstrations for checking produce and identifying kosher fish

  4. Beautiful certificate upon course completion

  5. Optional final exam to evaluate and cement knowledge

Other Resources:

  1. 10 question quiz to assess kosher knowledge

  2. 101 Series – Brief audio-visual presentations focusing on the fundamentals of kosher for a variety of environments. Currently offering two editions: a) Consumer Edition, b) Food Service Employee Edition


  1. The Kosher Empowered course is now available on as a joint project of KIA and Aish

  2. Table for Two on the Nachum Segal Network

  3. Presented the 101 series for the entire corporate department of H-E-B, one of largest supermarket chains in Texas

  4. Presented Kosher Institute at the International AKO (Association of Kashrus Organizations) Conference



  7. Podcast on

In Development:

  1. In talks with one of the largest Kiruv organizations to offer the Kosher Empowered course to their students and constituents.

  2. Partnered with AKO to create a standardized online training course, testing and certification program for foodservice Mashgichim throughout the USA and beyond. This will raise the standard and universalize the level of Mashgiach training, as well as enable Mashgichim to transfer their skills and training between organizations. Course outline here.

  3. Associated projects and initiatives in their formative stages.